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Sarah's unofficial calendar   (info from Texas4Palin)

Sarah Palin, Man of the Year (by Don Surber)

Sarah Palin pic
Boom ! (Sarah on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, 4:29)

Conan pics (requires free Facebook account)


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Going Rogue Interview Roundup, by Sheya

No one is neutral when it comes to Sarah Palin


Palin Madness, by Sinistar (3:30)

Queen - I'm Going Slighty Mad, by larrylurex (4:25)



Sarah's Facebook effect

Sarah reaches 1,000,000 Facebook followers
(Nov 17, by Doug Brady, 6:06 pm) (77 comments)

Obama's 3:00 AM wakeup call, courtesy of Sarah's Facebook service

Sarah's Facebook page

Sarah's Facebook page
Sarah Palin, steely eyed pic
Palin: It's A War, Not A Crime Spree (Jan 5, 2010)
"We need a Commander in Chief, not a constitutional law professor"

Reactions roundup on Conservatives4Palin (Jan 7, 2010):

- Another Black Conservative:
In typical no nonsense fashion Palin points out the emptiness of Obama's latest statements and calls out the various absurdities of treating terror suspects as common criminals.

Mark Noonan:
- This shows a clear sighted grasp of what we're up against and likely reflects the fact that Sarah Palin has had far more real world and executive experience than Obama has - even after Obama has been in office for nearly a year.

- The Resistance [that is forming in this country] needs a leader, and we hope Governor Palin stands up in 2010 and becomes that woman, so in 2012 she can become our president.

Chris Cillizza:
- We've noted before in this space that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is using Facebook to serve as a sort of shadow president, a constant counter to President Obama on nearly every issue.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
- Sarah Palin schools the state-run media's favorite Harvard elitist. [Simply] from her Facebook page, Sarah Palin lectures Obama on his lack of comprehension

Lisa Graas:
- It is comforting to me to know that Sarah Palin understands [the threat of terrorism] and offers a clear and prominent voice in America's public discourse as President Obama sleeps at the wheel. Governor Palin is right to say that his approach to terrorism is "fatally flawed".

Sarah Palin calls it a year earlier, on Sept 3, 2008:
- Al-Qaida terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America, and he's worried that someone won't read them their rights?



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The Onion Sarah Palin cartoon

Coming in February: The Sarah Report

Sarah Palin comes to DC



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Cincinnatti, Columbus

Sapwolf in Cincinnati
Sapwolf's experiences in Cincinnati and Columbus
(Doug Brady, 12:00 am)

Cincinnati crowd
Going Rogue in Cincinnati; Team addresses (staged?) issues in Noblesville
(Nov 21, by Doug Brady, 6:42 pm)

Sarah Palin signing books pic
Going Rogue in Columbus (with videos); Gov Palin signs all books !
(Nov 21, by Doug Brady, 2:29 pm) (61 comments)

Other articles Nov 20

Conservatives 4 Palin logo
Friday Open Thread (Mel Bryant, 7:05 am) (74 comments)

Noblesville, Indiana
Sarah Palin: Going Rogue Tour ! (Great videos)
(Doug Brady, 7:06 am) (35 comments)

Sarah Palin: Cancer Screenings - Rational Care or Rationed Care ?
Adrienne Ross, 8:13 am) (64 comments)

Dennis Miller radio logo
Governor Palin on the Dennis Miller show
(Daniel Terrapin, 11:03 am) (66 comments)

Obama bows to Japan Emporer
Obama below 50% for the first time in Gallup
(Tommy Report, 11:43 am) (46 comments)

Piece of Work in Progress
Rocketman: The Renaissance of Sarah Palin
(Doug Brady, 1:15 pm) (33 comments)

New York Times logo
Beware of Flying Pigs (NY Times confirms Gov. Palin wasn't responsible for the infamous $150,000 clothing bill)
(Rob Harrison, 2:34 pm)

S. E. Cupp
S. E. Cupp: Palin-Hating 101
(Hal, 3:30 pm) (13 comments)

700 Club logo
Governor Palin on the 700 Club (Parts 1 and 2)
(Daniel Terrapin, 3:31 pm) (57 comments)

Norah O'Donnell accosts 17-year old girl
MSNBC correspondent accosts 17-year old girl at Grand Rapids book signing
(Doug Brady, 4:45 pm)(59 comments)

Cincinnati crowd
Going Rogue in Cincinnati; Team addresses (staged?) issues in Noblesville
(Doug Brady, 6:42 pm)

RedState blog logo
Perhaps our Spartan was a Woman all along . . .
(David L. Riddick [aka the Aged P], 7:56 pm) (58 comments)

Amy Siskind pic
Amy Siskind: Why the Palin "hate affair" will backfire
(Mel Bryant, 9:30 pm) (17 comments)

Sarah Palin resignation speech pic
Palin Vindicated Again: APOC Rules Disclosures Compliant With State Law
(Mel Bryant, 9:33 pm) (66 comments)

Barbara Walters pic
Barbara Walters interviews Governor Palin (Good Morning America, also 20/20)
(Daniel Terrapin, 11:30 pm) (213 comments)

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Sarah Palin: In the midnight hour (the Senate rams through a vote to proceed with the Health-care bill)
(Mel Bryant, 12:15 am) (52 comments)



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Sarah Indiana Jones map

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Piper, Trig, Sarah Palin
More pics here (Greta behind the scenes)


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